Procurement Services

The process and steps used to obtain supplies, materials, goods and services, and contracts at best and legit price are what is known as procurement service. Not many buyers can negotiate a reasonable price for products or services.
As a result of global market conditions and the need for businesses to reduce and manage costs, the demand for expert procurement service providers has significantly increased. Many top firms in the world have already signup with procurement services providers while many are still looking for a way to tap into this service.

A procurement manager is a consultant or organization who works to supplement the internal procurement department of a company. The tasks performed by expert procurement service provider includes strategic planning, supplier rationalization, supplier collaboration, implementing valuable practices, strategic negotiation and sourcing. Companies using our expert procurement service providers enjoy extensive coverage, reduce costs for goods and services, improve spending, use the latest procurement technologies, etc.

There are several reasons why your company will need to utilize a procurement service provider. It will save you a massive amount of money; since for most organization, it is very costly to set up and maintains a good procurement department. Using an expert procurement service provider will cost less and deliver better procurement services than internal procurement departments can offer.

An expert procurement service provider can provide a quick and accurate analysis of the total amount spent by an organization and implement necessary changes, provide essential supply chain management solutions, negotiates with suppliers, and make use of the best industry practices.

Procurement Process

There is a long list of procurement methods that can be used by an expert procurement service provider; these methods are greatly influenced by the complexity of your need, availability of potential suppliers, the interest of the supplier, etc. all these factors boil down to a proper procurement process. A good procurement process, which is what we offer at Pointone will provide you with lots of remarkable benefits.

The first step in the procurement process recognizes the goods or services needed by the company; the products or services are the essential materials that the company needs for the proper running of a business or eventual sale. This is also the stage in which the budget is prepared.
The second stage in the procurement process is the stage of vendors selection, what our experts do in this stage is to go out in search of potential vendors that can offer the best value and quality for the goods or services needed by your company. We will select a vendor that provides not just a competitive price but high-quality products.
The next thing in this process is to create a purchase order, these days; purchase orders are mainly done via electronic transfers and POS service. After this stage has been completed, an invoice followed by the order will come in. After the order has been confirmed, the payment will then be made to the vendor. The procurement process is straightforward if an expert handles it.

Procurement Strategies

There is a broad array of procurement strategies that we use to ensure you get the best; these strategies can be used for startup and already established business to get you nothing but the best end to end procurement services.

The first strategy is the supplier optimization, what we do is to discard any supplier who is not able to offer the best prices for the goods and services needed.
There is a risk management strategy in place to ensure all the products or services offered by the suppliers do not pose a treat to the well being of humans and the proper growth of the company.
Another strategy that we put in place is the “Absolute Quality Method” this strategy helps to ensure suppliers keep on supplying only quality products. Other plans that we use include global sourcing. Green purchasing, Vendor Development, etc.

Procurement Consultants

Getting the best procurement consultant is the only way you can get the best procurement services, and that is where we come in. When it comes down to procurement services, there is no better choice than AEMS. We have several years of experience with our operations spanning across several continents; we can proudly say that we have the necessary procurement logistics and supply chain management. At AEMS we have developed an effective strategy and plans that best suit the need of our customers and partners. Since procurement involves purchasing and supply chain management, which consists of sourcing and managing the primary flow as well more complex purchase procedures that requires a vast network of connection and contacts, we have a group of experts that make use of the right procurement processes to ensure you get the best procurement services for your company. We have valuable sourcing process managers that can handle the needs of your business. Our company combines the experiences of many multilingual, highly talented, and well-motivated workers with a successful business strategy- traits that have made us propel ourselves to be among the leading end-to-end procurement service provider in the world.

The procurement process begins with the preparation and processing of demands, all the way to the process of receiving and making payments for the goods and services. It includes a lot of steps which range from planning the purchase and settling the right standard to vendors, research and selection, analysis of value, price bargaining and financing, etc.

A procurement firm handles both indirect and direct costs. The indirect costs include those needed to produce or deliver the services you provide while the indirect costs are linked with the things you purchase to run your business, the example consists of pens, pencils, business cards, office stationery, etc.
Procurement is an essential part of a company strategy, without a proper procurement process, a company will lack the ability to purchase certain goods and services needed for the smooth running of the organization.
Procurement processes aim to find the right suppliers for the goods and services needed to manufacture your products or deliver your services to your customers. It involves searching and locating the raw materials at a reasonable price so you can continue to make a remarkable profit and endearing your customers to your company.

Procurement and supply chain management

Procurement and supply chain management involves a wide range of activities needed to plan, control and execute a product flow, it consists of a series of steps from purchasing raw materials and production through distribution to the final consumer. In the most cost-effective way.
Utilizing the right supply chain management will create a system that cut costs, increase profits and promotes linkage between all parts of the supply chain. Companies that make use of the right supply chain strategy are well equipped to handle consumer demands, minimize cost, carry the right inventory for the needs of customers, handle any disruptions in the system effectively and ensure the smooth running of the supply chain.

Strategic Supply Chain Management

The importance of supply chain management cannot be overemphasis; this is the main reason while you need to utilize the best procurement and supply, chain manager.
At AEMS, we provide our clients with the best procurement and supply chain management strategies. We make use of a demand-driven planning model which operates on the principle of real-time demand insights and demand shaping. We make use of the right prediction and contingency planning tools to tackle all forms of risks associated with supply, the example of such risks is political instability, natural disasters affecting production, suppliers going bankrupt and so on. Companies will find it very easy to adjust price and promotions in other to shape demand, increase revenue growth and distribute additional products.
Effective supply chain management strategy is crucial for the optimization of product designs and product management for supply. For a company to be successful, products must be produced at a reasonable price, time and location. Each decision makes during the process of production must be done well. Designs must be optimized to ensures products are manufacturable for business. All production cost must be captured well and analyzed to maintain balance across the end-to-end procurement.

Supply Chain Management Services

Creating an effective and responsive supply chain is very important in recognizing and responding to customers’ demands. With the rise in global competition, companies are looking for ways to reduce manufacturing lead times, collaborate better with suppliers and increase asset usage. At AEMS, we offer the best supply chain management solutions which will help you keep purchasing, production and distribution well regulated.
We combine the industry best practices and the newest supply chain solutions to ensure a successful end-to-end procurement. Our team of supply chain specialists will help you cut manufacturing lead times, streamline production processes, increase asset usage, and better collaborate with suppliers.
For startups supply chain processes can be complicated to handle, at AEMS, we work diligently to simplify warehousing, transportation, and manufacturing execution. We make use of the latest technologies to evaluate and implement solutions that will add value to your business.
To ensure you get the best value from your supply chain, we make use of the best tactics for purchasing, manufacturing, and distribution. Our Expert Analyst is on the ground to ensure we make use of tactics, strategies, and plans that will improve purchasing, production, distribution and other critical areas of your business.

Procurement Provider

Before you can achieve your business, objectives and deliver maximum customer satisfaction, functions such as procurement and supply chain management need to be handled by the best hands. The need for an efficient Procurement Specialist cannot be underemphasized.
No capable hand can handle your procurement need than AEMS; we utilize the industry best practices to deliver efficient procurement solutions that will make your business stand out.
Using the right procurement providers will help you to avoid the trouble of procurement infrastructure, negotiate effectively with suppliers, rapid analysis of a company’s spend, use proven industry practices and implement necessary changes.

AEMS is always ready to meet with you and discuss the right solutions to your procurement problems.
Our strategies will offer you a system that limits risk, ensure accountability, transparency, and value for your money. We will assist in developing a specification and pre-qualifying suppliers.
Our team of expert procurement providers will help you to manage tenders and perform active negotiations.
Our services are cost-effective and can be afforded by both startups and big companies. We have a successful track record and years of experience in procurement solutions.


Purchasing involves all the activities needed for the acquisition of raw materials, goods or services need for companies to reach their business goals. When such purchasing is done outside the local market in other to support the company’s operation and ensure a quality source of supply, then the process is regarded as international purchasing. With the current surge for economic globalization, international buying activities are becoming more pronounced. Businesses are looking to global markets for the goods and services needed for the smooth running of their companies.

Insufficient domestic capacity is one of the reasons why firms are looking out for suppliers outside the local market. Many businesses require raw materials and services which cannot be gotten within the domestic market, and this calls for the need for international purchasing.
Changes in the business environment also contribute remarkably to the demand for international purchasing. When you move your business to a new environment, there is a likelihood that such an environment will lack the necessary raw materials and services needed for the smooth operation of your business, reaching out to the international market will come in handy in such a situation.

International purchasing often comes with a very critical factor which is the reduced cost, the cost of getting raw materials and services from the global market is cheaper when compares with the local market.
These days many organizations are looking for the best way to respond to customers’ demands, and the competing needs and international purchasing has become an increasingly attractive option.
Every organization must recognize the process involved in the art of obtaining products and services. The international purchasing processes follow steps that locate the need of the company and supply the demands.

International Purchasing Process

The first step in the international purchasing process involves the proper selection of the products needed by the organization. The essential products are those that are critical for the adequate functioning of the company.
After locating the need of your company, you will need to decide the time and the number of products and services you want to be delivered. There is also a critical need to research suppliers; there are numerous suppliers in the international market that will call for your attention but making proper research will do your business a lot of good.

At AEMS we recognize how difficult it might be for startups and for business to make use of international purchase, so we help you to handle the stress and provide you with the best international purchasing solutions for businesses.
We have a team of experts ready to offer you the best international purchasing and global sourcing solutions. We make use of the top industry practices and strategies to locate your company’s needs and secure the right products and services to meet such requirements.
We will help you to establish the right terms, many suppliers will be contacted, and we will make use of the best after conducting a critical evaluation.

Global Purchasing Strategies

To ensure your business get the best benefits from international purchasing and global sourcing, we make use of very efficient global purchasing strategies aim at providing you with the proper global purchasing solutions.

Our team of International expert purchasing and global sourcing providers make decisions outside any personal belief and emotions. This objectivity enables us to select the best suppliers among the teaming list of suppliers in the international market.

International Purchasing Benefits

International purchasing has so many benefits which can only be enjoyed when you make use of the right international purchasing provider.
International purchasing allows businesses to buy goods and services at a lower unit price. For startups or for businesses operating on a tight budget, this is a great way to save costs. At AEMS, we share in your dream and make use of strategies and plans that track expenses and help to pick the suppliers with the best services and products.
Businesses that utilize international purchasing and global sourcing always gain access to world-class technologies that do not exist in their domestic markets. These become valuable when these technologies are employed in the production of goods and services.

In the existing financial environment, small, medium, and large-sized firms are utilizing product sourcing services to a substantial extent. The procurement service provider market has also undergone several changes. Owing to business process outsourcing, the hurdles within firms to initiate outsourcing everything or the vital segments of the procurement function have diminished. Firms have to spend a sizeable part of their budget to source goods and services from other nations. If you try to identify options to justify internal overheads and get an insight into effective procurement market intelligence, it is feasible to opt for service providers. The requirement to internationalize spend is a must for most firms in the world. Also, the management of the procurement function has become a scale-driven sport. Moreover, authentic and reliable sourcing service providers and strategic sourcing have emerged, leading to lucrative value proposition.

Product Sourcing Services is Indispensable

In most firms, managing the purchasing area is complicated and often summons the use of multifarious service and contract types. While conventional services mean that a huge part of savings potential is underutilized, you can transmute the manner in which you advance towards product sourcing for attaining financial profit. Several procurement companies are emphasizing on outsourcing everything from procurement to procure-to-pay (end-to-end management) of the indirect spend. Some technology agencies are also concentrating on outsourcing the procure-to-pay method across the indirect and direct total spend. Niche players offer focused services. For example, smaller geographic service providers cater to SMEs and agencies proffering market intelligence abilities to support sourcing function enhance efficacy. Specific companies that offer low-cost country sourcing services are also included in this gamut.

Procurement Agencies Propel Long-term Positive Changes

Companies can make the most of aggregation and spend consolidation, facilitate higher visibility and control over the entire LCC sourcing procedure and take advantage of the procurement service provider’s network of offices all over the world, by opting to outsource the management of their LCC sourcing endeavor. In spite of firms knowing that procurement can assist in generating savings, they require a service provider who will commence, expedite and aid in completing the procedure for REAL RESULTS.
Product sourcing services provide high-quality services at low total costs. Since there is no singular approach for all organizations, it is imperative to determine a customized strategy for each organization. A coalition between a global delivery network and supply-chain professionals to help supplier management in low cost countries offers a dependable LCC-focused procurement service provider

In-house Procurement Services

A multidisciplinary team is available to support our clients as an external purchasing department. With qualifying experience in managing complex purchasing for international projects, we offer:
•Market intelligence
•Bidders interface and tender’s management
•Commercial bid evaluation
•Purchase order issuance
•competitive market research
•rapid analysis of organizations spends
•select suppliers •strategic vetting
•negotiate payment terms
•contract negotiation and management
•project management
•travel discounts
•rapid implementations
•procurement transformation
•purchasing goods, services or work from a third-party supplier

On-call Procurement Services

Our procurement specialists have the experience and competence and can also work on-site to support every stage of the procurement process. Our expertise covers process packages, bulk materials, long lead-time items, and critical packages, such as turbines, substations, refining packages, and more.

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